A Sculpture for All Time

Axis Mundi is a sculpture about transcendence. Its very creation underwent an evolution beginning with a deep friendship to encompassing a universal vision of unity.

Artist Jean MacFarland Altshuler sculpts an iconic piece—Axis Mundi—with a vision of what of what unifies us all. The animals, plants, our loving partners and families, friends, our love of sacred place, and of the mystery of the Great Spirit. Her dream is to have eight bronze castings be dedicated to the eight specific regions on the North American continent as an act of connection and hope.

The remaining seven castings of the Axis Mundi are now available for purchase. By commissioning one of the remaining seven bronzes, you will have taken part in fulfilling a vision that seeds the connection of eight regions within the continent known as the North American Grail Cup. By owning an Axis Mundi, you become the keeper of the region for which it is dedicated. Collectively, the eight regions are said to hold a key to the awakening of the higher purpose for America, and an opportunity energetically to ignite among the people our collective purpose as a nation.