How to Own Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi is designed to be a multidimensional anchor for the well being of the region in the spirit of fulfilling the larger vision of unity. The artist has intended each bronze to be dedicated to one of the eight designated regions of the North American continent. To own an Axis Mundi you become, in a sense, the keeper of a key imbued to honor that area as part of the Tree of Life vision for the Continent. It is the intent of a growing number of people to “activate” each region through visiting and connecting with people from the region, presenting the vision, and encouraging people within the region to meet and grow an understanding of what is special about where they live. Through this organic process, it is possible such a group will locate it’s own landscape temple and/or zodiac formation which would then allow for the creation of a bowl of its own. It is the artist’s hope that an owner of a dedicated Axis Mundi would remain engaged in this discovery process.
• The cost of owning an Axis Mundi is presently $7,500 plus shipping. Please contact the artist for exact pricing.

The Eight Sephora/Regions:

The Eight Gates: (These locations are approximate. The Venus location is the most developed and mapped and therefore is the only site clearly investigated. The cities are closest to the sites, but they have not been mapped.)

  • Earth: Veracruz, Mexico
  • Moon:  North of Houston, TX
  • Venus: The Sacred Hoop of Valles Caldera, Northern NM
  • Mercury: Nashville, TN
  • Sun: Kansas City, KS
  • Jupiter: Mt. Shasta, CA / Ashland, OR area
  • Mars: Hudson River Valley/ Catskills, NY area
  • Saturn: Minneapolis, MN

If you live in or have a special affinity for one of these seven points across the continent and are inspired by the vision of uniting this continent through exploring a geomantic approach, we would love to hear from you.