Artist’s Comments


Axis Mundi is Latin for "center of the world" (also cosmic axis, world pillar and center of the world). More specifically, it connotes the connecting axis between the two opposite sides, or facets, of a world. It signifies the connection of opposites, the intertwined nature of opposing forces and elements: quiet and loud, dark and light, aggressive and passive, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, etc. It is a symbol representing the point of connection between sky and earth. It offers a means of travel and correspondence between the two realms. It is also the place where the four compass directions unite, allowing Universal wisdom from heaven to be poured onto the world. This place is at the center of the world: the world’s point of beginning.

“The term, Axis Mundi, as sculpture itself, continues to unfold in meaning for me. I first discovered that the ancient term referred to markers placed in the center of cities where an art form resided. Remains of some significant person have been found underneath such centers; perhaps the one who may have lain out the key coordinates on which the city developed.

In this time of obvious uncertainty, rapid transformation and global unrest, to have great affinity for Awareness is to see we are embarking on a journey of epic change for all of life on Earth. As an artist, there is nothing more important for me to do but create images and forms that can remind us of our place in the universe, our journey as conscious beings in relationship to all of life, and our interrelatedness to everyone and everything.

Throughout history, art forms from different epochs have survived massive destruction for different reasons. Some have been buried for eons of time, some flooded, some overcome by jungles, and some managed to withstand the ravages of time more or less intact. These cultural “time capsules” give us pause to recognize a profound continuity of the human quest to understand our relationship in the universe and to create meaning in our lives. This has gone on for eons and, should our species survive on this planet, hopefully will continue.

Perhaps future beings will unearth these art forms to help them understand who we were, beyond the imperishable plastics and products we have left behind. I am imagining a future civilization discovering these bronzes in these regions. Perhaps they will be seen as a legacy for our species and our fellow inhabitants, artifacts of balance, regeneration and transcendence.”