About Unity

The signature used on the sculpture is a variation on the symbol of the Vesica Pisces, the overlapping of two separate worlds. Unity is often simply accepted as a state of unanimity with everything and everyone in complete agreement. Axis Mundi speaks of a state of inclusion, an encompassing of opposites. It comes out of the experience being the context of conflicting views. The Axis Mundi sculpture spirals upward to join as a vesica pisces, the artist’s foundational symbol of two separate worlds overlapping, forming the symbol of a mandorla, the almond shape of the eye.

The Story Behind the Eight

All the while the bronze was in development, Jean was inspired to join others in celebrating the unique feminine quality of Northern New Mexico. She joined two friends sharing an interest in geomancy and traveled to Glastonbury, England, together. They met with the renown geomancer, Peter Dawkins, who had spent years studying the special features of the North American Continent. He had been particularly studying the same dynamics around Santa Fe, and had concluded that the nearby super volcano, the Valles Caldera, is a very significant power point. He has spent considerable time traveling around the crater’s circumference, and recognized it as a perfect zodiac, with eight points around it in the four cardinal and four non-cardinal directions of the medicine wheel. Jean had coveted the Caldera for years, and now began with the group to participate in pilgrimages—eight per year, aligned with the seasons of the calendar, or Wheel of the Year, to the eight points Dawkins indicated around the Caldera.

As Jean developed the bowl to include an expression of Heidi’s favorite myth, Draupadi’s Bowl, it suddenly occurred to her she was celebrating a bowl in her own region, the Valles Caldera! Now, there became another dimension at play with the sculpture—the love of sacred place! She created a miniature replica of the geography of the Caldera inside the bowl along with the directional markers along the rim. She imbedded a stone from each of the eight pilgrimage sites into the bowl rim.

The artist was inspired to have Axis Mundi be a part of a larger vision. The sculpture had evolved into a universal image as the name now represented. These eight regions also delineate the lower realms of the Rosicrucian Tree of Life, below the U.S. border. The grail cup over the continental United States, as Dawkins envisions, indicated within principles of geomancy, also corresponds to the brow chakra of the planet, deeming it the center of planetary intelligence. The eight Axis Mundi bronzes assigned to these eight regions are intended to bring attention to this vision and aide in awakening and embodying of America’s global purpose. (See www.zoence.com.) Casting eight now aligned the image with a larger vision. Dedicating each to one of the regions opens opportunities for each owner to connect to that region in their own way.