The Sculpture

The Axis Mundi Project centers around a bronze sculpture crafted in two parts of one whole: each part is a complete sculpture in itself; together, they complete the relationship of sacred place within the cosmos. Axis Mundi is an archetypal expression of life: the intertwining natural kingdom gives way to root Man and Woman in a spiral DNA dance connecting at a cosmic pelvic bowl in the form of a vesica pisces rising onward as arms or wings of the Divine.

The Venus Gate Bowl as a separate sculpture depicts a geographic landscape temple located in the Southwestern region of the United States. This bowl is the exclusive casting to this Axis Mundi bronze, entitling it Axis Mundi of the Venus Gate. A Wheel of Life celebrating the defining movements of Nature and her seasons, its heart center is an ancient super volcano, the Valles Caldera in Northern New Mexico. Working with English author, scholar and teacher of Western Wisdom Traditions, Peter Dawkins, a local Santa Fe group has been making pilgrimages to eight designated sites around the volcano since 2009. Guided by the eight cardinal directional points of a geographical bowl establishes the Caldera a zodiac by the principles of geomancy. Individual stones are embedded in the bowl’s eight directions, each stone literally taken from the specific point around the Caldera.

The Valles Caldera is unique to this particular region in the Southwest and it is the first of these specific eight regions to be celebrated continuously as a sacred site. Each new owner of the Axis Mundi will choose one of the remaining seven designated regions or sephorah in North America.